IVETA 5 MEs (SAFEtronics, SK/CZ)

IVETA 5 MEs (SAFEtronics, SK/CZ)

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Free standing double-wall safe - 0. security class - electronic safe lock - knob pin control - emergency secondary key - lockable inner box - 3 removable shelves - hidden hinges - polyurethane spray coating - dark gray hue (anthracite)

872 €

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Availability: On request
Delivery date: 29.04.2021

Producer: SAFEtronics®

IVETA 5 MEs is a big-size double-wall free-standing safe from Slovak-Czech manufacturer SAFEtronics®. High quality workmanship, technical concept and the philosophy of forming a steel corpus, hidden hinge system, fitting the door to the front plane! The IVETA safes are certified in 0.safety class according to the ČSN EN 1143-1 with NBÚ certificate, security level 2 (CONFIDENTIAL). Mechanical resistance at least 30/30 RU.

IVETA 5 MEs is suitable for storing larger valuables, documents, basic cash, documents and also short or long firearms and ammunition. Safe is equiped by electronic lock class A according to the ČSN EN 1300, which unblocks/blocks the bolt mechanism. The movement of the bolts (unlocking/locking) is then controlled by the rotary handle (knob). In addition, it is possible to open the safe with the emergency key, e.g. if you forget the code. The lock is protected against drilling.

Specifications and technical parameters :

External dimensions: 1435 x 535 x 370 mm (h x w x d)

Internal dimensions: 1400 x 500 x 295 mm (h x w x d)

Inside clearance under the upper box: 1200 mm (after removing the shelves)

Internal usable volume: 206 liters

Sheath thickness: outer - 2.5 mm, inner - 2.5 mm, special intercoat filling

Door plate thickness: 2.5 mm + 3 mm

Recessed door depth: 47 mm

Max. door opening angle: 110°

Number of locking pins: 6, (2 to the side, 2 up, 2 down)

Diameter of locking pins: 16 mm

Hinges: inner (hidden)

Weight : 118 kg

Anchor holes: 4 (⌀ 12 mm) - 2 to the floor, 2 into the back wall

Lockable inner box: yes, 2 keys

Interior shelves: yes - 3, removable and adjustable (32 positions)

Surface finish: special highly durable spray with a slightly rough structure, dark gray hue (anthracite)

Level of resistance: 0.security class according to the ČSN EN 1143-1:2013 chap.4 with NBÚ certificate, security level 2 (CONFIDENTIAL)

Locking: electronic safe lock, code length is 1 to 8 digits

Power supply: 4x small monocell 1.5 V, type C, alkaline LR 14 (e.g. PANA LR14 INDUSTRIAL, DURACELL LR14 INDUSTRIAL)

Emergency key: e.g. when control sequence is forgotten, class Vds1, MAUER (Germany), 2 keys in set

This safe must be anchored to the floor/wall - this can be ordered as a paid service upon request (SAFE MONT1).

Delivery time: cca 3 weeks (on request)

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