Indoor sirens and flash beacons

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  Indoor sirens and flash beacons are used as an accessory for acoustic and optical signaling of alarm conditions (burglary, fire, distress alarm, opening of the safe by an unauthorized person, disruption of a perimeter of a large object, etc.). Indoor sirens are also used to create an acoustically unbearable environment when the customer does not wish to install an outdoor siren. It is not unusual that the client defines to have sirens hidden in the premises of interest or in the whole building to create an acoustic pressure field from all directions (4 sirens of 125dB / m in each room, protected from attack). It is certainly a delicacy to create an unwanted alarm in such an object - all staff incl. animals usually leave the object before someone can finally deactivate the alarm under stress ... (see "acoustic baton")


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New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

Newly included weapon cabinets JV6/JV6 kombi and safes JV1, JV2, JV3, JV4 and JV5 are certified in I. security class !


Preparation for Spring No.1

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Which variant of the vault interior lighting do you prefer?


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