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Floor safes are quite popular for such purposes where it is not necessary to use the safe frequently. The disadvantage is their smaller inner volume for stored items, potential flooding of their contents by water in case of careless cleaning or penetration of water into the basement / cellar, the advantage is good camouflage. They are usually installed in the basement or cellars of buildings, where one can simply chop the storage pocket into the base plate to concret them without disturbing the ceiling construction. The proper situation for the installation is when the new building is built - here it is possible to count on the installation of a safe in the project. Suitable installation sites for this type of safe can also be found in old country houses from the 19th and the begining of 20th century. The recessed depth of the bridge floor is typically 30 cm or more.

Floor safes in our offer are fitted exclusively with key mechanical locks. Although they could be equipped with a combination lock or electronic lock on request, we do not recommend this, because floor safes are at risk of flooding. Water could jeopardize the function of a sensitive and accurate combination lock, the electronic lock would most likely be written off. The mechanical lock should be maintained even after prolonged exposure to water - respectively, rusting and subsequent filling with a WD spray - capable of functioning. However, we are not talking about the contents of the vault itself - it would probably be devalued by water to its nature. IP X8 waterproof floor safes are not offered by any manufacturer yet.

Note: inner size, other supplementary measures, data and parameters given for all safe categories may vary slightly from the actual product to those on this site due to the manufacturing tolerances of engineering production. For variants with a door handle, its height protruding from the door plane is excluded from the overall external depth of the safe. The description of the safes may differ slightly from the picture in:
- the number of shelves
- handrail design
- the number of locking points
- design of electronic lock keypad

Manufacturers possess the right to improve product performance. The basic classification into safety classes is guaranteed by appropriate certificates from state accredited testing laboratories (TREZOR TEST s.r.o.).



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  • PT 23 M (SAFEtronics, CZ/SK)

    Podlahový trezor - I. BT - zamykání klíčem spřažené s ovládáním...

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New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in I.security class from WICO company

New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in I.security class from WICO company

Newly included weapon cabinets JV6/JV6 kombi and safes JV1, JV2, JV3, JV4 and JV5 are certified in I. security class !



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