Interior lighting for safes and vaults

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A good plenty of users surely tackle or have tackled a practical problem - visibility of the things inside the safe, of course opened :-) It is not routine to place it so that it is exposed to direct light. On the contrary, the owner or the user often intends to keep it as unobtrusive (in a dark corner or simply hidden) as possible. Nevertheless, the vault is not to be "entered" only in the daylight - even in the evening or in the night there are situations when it is essential to open it, operate in it and not disturb the surrounding world by lighting - because of practical or even tactical reasons... There is an analogy with a refrigerator - one is also dissatisfied when, due to a power failure or a broken bulb, there is dark inside !

The safe lighting is divided into multiple groups - floor safes and the smallest safes lighting, where the entire interior volume (TR 1L) is illuminated, then small and medium-sized safes and vaults are illuminated with an inner separated locker/without it (TR 2L), double-sided lighting MAXI10 weapon cabinets (TR 2LE, TR 3LE), large safes and vaults with separate box / without the box and with side compartments (TR 3L), tactical lighting of weapon vaults (TR 4L TAC, TR 4LE TAC) and lighting of large double-door weapon safes (TR 5 LE, TR 5 LE TAC).

By and individual wish, it is even possible to create lighting with a different color of light, with different color temperature (standard warm white), with extra low level of light for night tactical operation when using noctovisers etc.


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New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

Newly included weapon cabinets JV6/JV6 kombi and safes JV1, JV2, JV3, JV4 and JV5 are certified in I. security class !



Which variant of the vault interior lighting do you prefer?


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