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It could be said - why have safe at home or in the company...? Ordinary people do not often ask this question. But is it really so?

Nowadays, people in our parts are rich - probably without quite realising it. Losing dear things (cash, engagement rings, golden chain from your grandparents, important data in storage devices, know-how for work or a company, passports and other documents) or things that must be secured under the terms of the law (weapons and munition, toxic substances and other pharmaceutical products) leads not only to a schock, desillusion and loss (in the better case), but also to problems with law...

Therefore - the SAFE definitely YES! But choose it wisely for the future. While the safe with a small volume reserve (and of the safety class as well) can do for now, you´ll see how quickly you will fulfill it in a few months :-) so choose with reason.

We offer safes from two Czech and one Slovak-Czech manufacturer: WICO, T-SAFE and SAFEtronics®. Each of the three producers has its own design philosophy which is bulit on the knowledge of how the safe is (not)attackable by the perpetrator, what are the latest methods of constructing safes, what also takes part in here is feedback from an authorized laboratory TREZOR TEST Ltd. 

The design of the safe / safe also depends on the technological capabilities of the manufacturer (CNC sheet metal forming, laser cutting, welding, etc.). Notwithstanding the foregoing, each product is tested and classified in the appropriate safety class. This certification is usually valid for 5 years for the relevant type of safe (type series), after which the manufacturer must apply for recertification.

Choosing the type of safe (the manufacturer) is therefore a purely individual matter. What often takes part in it is an aesthetic aspect, details of the internal arrangement, feeling of durability of the product, etc. 


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New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

Newly included weapon cabinets JV6/JV6 kombi and safes JV1, JV2, JV3, JV4 and JV5 are certified in I. security class !



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