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Interior lighting for smallest safes - 1 level of LED intensity - external backup power supply - automatic ON/OFF controlled by door movement - possibility of deactivation by microswitch - can also be used to power internal vault sensors or GSM / WL communicator

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Producer: SAFE™/PULSAR

TR 1L EXTPWR is safe LED lighting with external backup power supply.

This type of lighting can be used in the smallest safes (wall safes) in safety classes 0 and 1. Their internal space is so small that by installing a 12V/1.3Ah battery, their internal usable volume would be reduced to an acceptable level. The power supply is therefore led through the side wall of the safe by means of a grommet and a flush-mounted conduit during their walling to a distant (hidden) place where the external power supply of the PULSAR® series is located.

At the same time, the external power supply can be used as a power supply for the built-in vibration sensor, which is relatively small and yet easy to install without reducing the internal volume of the vault. A GSM or WL communicator, which is also powered by the external power supply and transmits the vault infiltration/opening messages, can also be placed where the steel box of the external backup power supply is located.

ATTENTION - cannot be ordered separately - see Delivery time below.

Specifications and technical parameters :

LED strip placed in aluminum bar with diffuser cover

Color temperature: 2700K to 3000K (warm white)

LED power: 2.4 W/m resp. 4.8 W/m, power corresponding to tape length according to the safe size

Power supply: external backup source AWZ 230, inlet and grommet

Protection: electronic fuse inside the PULSAR® backup power supply

Cabling: SiF 0.5mm², Cu conductors in silicone insulation, -40°C to +125°C

Weight: 5,5 kg (backup source + accu 7Ah)

Control :

Main - concealed microswitch (ON/OFF), toggle

Operating - microswitch with roller, controlled by opening the safe door. The switch closes when the door is opened to 5° or more, switch-off when the door is closed (and locked).

Tested power life: theoretically unlimited, given by the parameters of the backup power supply (replacement of Pb battery once every 4 years) and its connection to the 230 V AC network. If the 230 V mains voltage fails and the connected vault lighting is supplied only from the backup battery 7Ah, the battery life is approx. 24 hours of non-stop lighting (safe door open). In case of power supply of vibrating (20mA) or seismic detector (3mA) and GSM communicator (50mA in idle state) and with the safe door closed (i.e. the interior lighting is off), the power supply time is about 4 days until the mains voltage is restored.

Delivery time: cca 3 weeks (individual adjustment to order)

TR 1L EXTPWR is ordered together with the selected safe/vault, it is a custom adjustment of the safe or vault. The adjustment requires a large proportion of manual work, accurate measurement and positioning of the elements, as every safe of even the same type and batch can vary in millimeters or fractions thereof. This plays a major role in the installation and fine-tuning of the switch-on/switch-off positions, the positioning of the LED strips, the electrical wiring and the wall penetrations, etc. External backup source AWZ 230 is supplied in this application including battery pack!

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