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Consultation at the customer - systems testing - installation of ESS / FPS / access systems - installation of photovoltaic structures - commissioning PV installations

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Producer: SAFE - Security and Future Energy™

CON/TEST/MONT - under this acronym is the technical consulting activity at the customer, such as programming and instruction of the control of electronic and combination locks in vaults and safes, designs of safes placement in terms of handling, safety, strength of the surrounding masonry and bearing capacity of building structures, installation of ESS/FPS and access systems, testing of ESS/FPS and access systems, battery replacement for backup power supplies, replacement of power cells for ESS remote controls, installation of photovoltaic structures, electrical installation and commissioning of PV systems, etc.

Specifications and price list (prices incl. VAT /1 hour) :

Vaults, safes, weapon cabinets:  10 € + transport

ESS / FPS / access systems:  15 € + transport

Photovoltaics:  20 € + transport

The uniform price of transport in Prague is 10 €, outside Prague we charge a price 0.3 €/km to the place of installation / consultation and back.

Delivery time: 2 - 5 working days (to order by mail or by telephone)

Note: due to the high workload and limited capacity of "human resources", we ask for patience and forgiveness when dealing with phone calls. It is ideal to send an e-mail with a brief request, a description of the situation and, if necessary, attached several photos to mail: . We will definitely contact you!

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New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

New in assortment-safes and weapon cabinets in class from WICO company

Newly included weapon cabinets JV6/JV6 kombi and safes JV1, JV2, JV3, JV4 and JV5 are certified in I. security class !



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