CSB GP1272 F2 (CSB, Taiwan)

CSB GP1272 F2 (CSB, Taiwan)

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Sealed lead acid battery - 12V/7.2Ah - VRLA/AGM - UPS series - output terminals F2 - for ESS/FPS/UPS and other applications - service life 4 to 6 years

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Producer: CSB®

CSB GP1272 F2 - sealed lead acid accumulator with VRLA/AGM technology (the electrolyte is bound in a glass fleece), product of Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan. Very good price/performance ratio. CSB GP batteries are characterized by a high quality standard of materials and workmanship. Typical properties are cyclic resistance, deep discharge resistance. The service life is about 4 to 6 years at 50% D.O.D. In cyclic operation, the charging voltage is 14.4 V – 14.9 V (at +25°C), in standby mode, the charging voltage is 13.5 V – 13.8 V (at +25°C).

Main applications: backup power supply for control panels and sirens of electronic security systems (ESS), into electronic fire-fighting systems (FPS), into back-up power supplies (UPS), for telecom applications etc. The battery can be used, e.g. in a backup power supply AWZ 230.

The 7.2Ah battery we also mount inside a large-capacity weapon cabinet TSS 170 ME/K8-10-12. The battery is used to illuminate the interior using LEDs - TR 5LE, TR 5LE TAC. The recommended charger for this application is Optimate 1 or Optimate 2.

Specifications and technical parameters :

Terminal voltage: 12 V nom., 13.5 V to 13.8 V (charged and unloaded battery at +25°C)

Nominal capacity: 7.2 Ah at +25°C, 6 Ah at 0°C, 4.9 Ah at -10°C

Capacity Ah: 7.2 Ah/10 hrs. at  Idisch. 0.69 A (end voltage 1.75V per cell/ 10.5V per accu)

Total energy stored: 86.4 Wh (at +25°C)

Initial charging current: 2.1 A / 2 hrs.

Recommended charging current: 0.72 A /10 hrs. (at +25°C)

* Recommended holding current (0,01C): 72 mA /unlimited (at -20°C to +55°C)

Recommended continuous discharge current: 0.35 A /20 hrs., 0.69 A /10 hrs., 1.4 A /5 hrs. (end voltage 1.75V per cell/ 10.5V per accu)

Short-term discharge current: 70 A / 10 sec.

Internal resistance: cca 23 mΩ

Capacity drop by self-discharge: approx. 3% of capacity (Ah)/month

Medium lifetime: 5 years (use in stand-by mode, charging in "float" mode to end voltage 13.5 V to 13.8 V at +25°C)

Operating temperature: -15°C to +50°C

Type and size of output terminals: Faston F2, 6.35 mm

Dimensions: 151 x 66 x 100 mm (l x w x h)

Weight: 2,5 kg

Delivery time: 2 - 5 working days (normally in stock)

* The holding charge current is dependent on the application in which the battery operates. If the battery is used in a backup power supply, this usually allows you to set the amount of current for continuous maintenance charging (usually 0,01 to 0,02C) and/or current for backup mode (after power failure, the power supply runs on the battery, after the power is re-started, the battery is charged with 0.1 C to full capacity and then charged with holding pulse current 0,01 to 0,02C).

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