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Magnetic contact for safe door - NC - vault/safe door opening detection - possibility of connection to the intrusion alarm system in the building - individual assembly - debugging according to future location and use of the safe in the building

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MG OPEN is a magnetic contact installation for the detection of safe door opening. The output of the detector provides information about opening (closing) the safe door. By its very nature, it does not differentiate between opening by an authorized person / user, opening under duress or opening after a mechanical attack on the safe. The output of the detector must be led to the intrusion alarm system, where it is appropriate to have a separate loop for the safe.

Installation of MG OPEN is also carried out for autonomous monitoring of the vault/safe (OPEN ALARM GSM or OPEN ALARM WL), if there is no intrusion alarm system in place or if it is, but the user requires to have the safe secured independently of it (multiplication of protection).

Specifications and technical parameters :

Magnetic contact Aritech DC-101B or FM-102BR, Tecnoalarm CTC-013 (aluminum design), EATON 401TF.

Detection distances for safe applications: 5 - 15 mm (switching distance), 10 - 15 mm (disconnection distance), NC, 24 to 50 V DC, 0.1 to 0.5 A

MG OPEN can be ordered separately for the selected vault/safe, it is a custom adjustment of the vault or safe (the adjustment includes a sensor, wiring, wall penetration safe in a defined location, etc.). It is necessary to specify in advance the closest distance (meters) of the ESS busbar protected box and whether there is a free perimeter loop in this box that could be reserved only for the safe.

MG OPEN should be combined with VIBRO SENS to provide comprehensive protection for the safe / safe and its contents.

Delivery time: approx. 2 to 3 weeks (individual adjustment to order)

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