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Vibration and shock sensor - installation inside the vault/safe - it scans the vibration of the safe and its surroundings - 12V power supply from the intrusion alarm system or an independent external source - NC - 2 types of sensors according to the type of vault and its location

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VIBRO SENS is a custom installation of a vibration and shock sensor inside a safe or vault. Vibration sensor, which operates on the basis of piezo element, senses vibrations of the vault body. If their intensity or number of strokes is exceeded, this condition is evaluated and by switching the NC contact (relay) transmits the alarm information to the superior system.

Used detectors: VIBRO (Optex) or IMPAQ-Plus (Texecom) - the choice depends on the type of installation/anchorage and the type of vault/safe.

VIBRO SENS can be ordered separately for the selected safe/vault. It is a custom modification of the respective safe (the adjustment includes a sensor, cabling, penetration of the safe wall at a defined location, etc.). It is necessary to specify in advance the closest distance (meters) of the ESS busbar protected box and whether there is a free perimeter loop in this box that could be reserved only for the safe.

Specifications and common technical parameters :

Digital signal processing and evaluation: yes

Power supply: 12 V nom. (min. 9 V, max. 16 V DC)

Current consumption: 16mA to 25mA (alarm)

Sensitivity: adjustable by trimmer in learning mode (stroke counting and intensity)

Indication of operating and alarm status: two-color or tricolor LED (green / red / orange)

Alarm output: NC contact, load 24 V DC/150mA (resistive load)

Alarm duration: approx. 2 seconds (NC contact open)

Adjusting and debugging the vibration sensor is best done after final safe mounting (floor/wall anchoring or  floor/wall concreting) as the resonant characteristics of the vault corpus will change.

VIBRO SENS should be combined with MG OPEN to ensure comprehensive protection of the vault/safe and its contents.

Delivery time: approx. 2 to 3 weeks (individual adjustment to order)

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