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Anchoring and concreting the floor safe - cutting the pocket into the floor - 4 reinforcing bars around the perimeter - strength concrete mixture

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Producer: SAFE - Security and Future Energy™

SAFE MONT4 - it is a more time-consuming installation of the safe into the floor or into the foundation slab of the building using steel reinforcing irons (roxor 12mm) followed by casting with a concrete mixture.

SAFE MONT4 is "simple assembly" of the floor safe without further modifications such as tempering, cable routing from sensors, etc. Installation of this kind usually takes a whole day - it is necessary to punch a recessed pocket for the entire depth of the safe with a circumferential clearance of at least 10 cm for pouring concrete into the floor/foundations. Subsequently, it is necessary to set precisely and horizontally and secure the safe and install mechanical spacers inside the safe to prevent deformation of the casing by the pressure of the concrete mixture.

Specifications and material used :

- punching the pocket to lower the safe into the foundations

- 4 steel fittings (roxor 12mm) into the floor

- 4 steel dowels M8 (M10) x 60 mm

- strength concrete mixture B30 / 35 / 42,5R (common consumption 2x 25kg)

- gravel 8/16 and 16/32 (normal consumption 15 and 25 kg), sand

- reinforcement of the inner space of the vault by spacers

Transport is charged according to the distance to the venue and back (0.3 € / km) - not included in the price of the material and the assembly itself.

SAFE MONT4 can be ordered as a service to the respective safe. When ordering, it is advisable to specify the type of floor / base plate and its possible thickness and composition.

Delivery time: approx. 1 week (by mutual agreement)

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