EURON 4300 ME (SAFEtronics, SK/CZ)

EURON 4300 ME (SAFEtronics, SK/CZ)

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Volně stojící čtyřplášťový trezor - 4. BT - odemykání elektronickým zámkem tř.B (Sophia TimeLock) a mechanickým zámkem MAUER tř.B - nouzový mechanický zámek MAUER tř.B - externí přípojka alarmu XLR - vnitřní zamykatelná schránka - 2 vyjímatelné police - skryté panty - povrchová úprava speciálním nástřikem - barva tmavě šedá

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Delivery date: 18.03.2021

Producer: SAFEtronics®

EURON 4300 ME is 4-wall safe of medium size, which is certified in the IV. security class. It is a product of Slovak-Czech manufacturer SAFEtronics®. Safe is suitable as a massive storage facility for storing high volume of cash, gold, diamonds and other valuables, philatelic unique items, top secret documents, short firearms and ammunition etc.

Common features of EURON safes are high-quality processing,technical concept and the philosophy of forming a steel corpus, hidden hinge system, fitting the door to the front plane and multi-point locking system! The EURON safes are certified in safety classes II, III, IV and V according to the ČSN EN 1143-1 with NBÚ certificate, security level 4 (TOP SECRET). Mechanical resistance at least 120/180 RU for IV.  security class.

EURON 4300 ME is equipped with two class B locks according to the ČSN EN 1300. Electronic lock SOPHIA TimeLock® class B + mechanical key lock MAUER class B. Another mechanical key lock - MAUER class B - serves as an emergency lock. The locks are multi-stage protected against drilling.

Safe is equiped by electronic lock SOPHIA TimeLock®, thanks to which the safe has many functions, e.g. up to 10 independent codes, delayed opening 0 - 60 min. or the possibility to work in "two people" mode. The microprocessor automatically creates a log of the last 4095 events that can be transferred to the PC. To open the vault it is necessary to unlock the upper lock MAUER class B and then enter the electronic lock code twice. User double-entry is a security feature to eliminate accidental or unwanted opening of the safe. The same applies to the "two-person mode" - a total of four times the code is required (2x first person, 2x second person).

Specifications and technical parameters :

External dimensions: 1445 x 774 x 660 mm (h x w x d)

Internal dimensions: 1232 x 560 x 441 mm (h x w x d)

Internal usable volume: 304 liters

Sheath thickness: 4 separate sheats (classified composition), special intercoat filling

Door plate thickness: multilayer armor (classified composition)

Recessed door depth: 120 mm

Max. door opening angle: 110°

Number of locking pins: 10 (6 to the side, 2 up, 2 down)

Dimensions of locking pins: 10 x 40 mm

Hinges: semi-concealed (inner)

Weight : 720 kg

Anchor holes: 2 (⌀ 16 mm) - to the floor

Lockable inner box: yes, 2 keys Lowe&Fletcher

Interior shelves: yes - 2, removable and adjustable (26 positions)

Surface finish: special highly durable spray with a slightly rough structure, dark gray hue (anthracite)

Level of resistance: class according to the ČSN EN 1143-1 with NBÚ certificate, security level 4 (TOP SECRET)

Control: electronic time lock SOPHIA, code length is 7 to 11 digits, delayed opening 0 - 60 min., multiple users, memory of up to 4095 events, real time clock and calendar, programming via PC etc. + key lock MAUER class B (Germany), 2 keys in set

Power supply: 4x small monocell 1.5 V, type C, alkaline LR 14 (e.g. PANA LR14 INDUSTRIAL, DURACELL LR14 INDUSTRIAL)

Emergency key: class B Vds1, MAUER (Germany), 2 keys in set - e.g. when control sequence is forgotten or run out of batteries

This safe must be anchored to the floor using solid steel anchors ⌀18/150mm with a pulling force of at least 50 kN - this can be ordered as a paid service upon request (SAFE MONT1).

Delivery time: cca 3 weeks (on order)

Note: Due to the weight, the price of transport and moving the safe to the designated place is calculated individually.

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